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We have developed a whole PV monitoring system . We are looking for some people or company that can offer our products and services to others PV companies.

Notice that we are offering the following services:

1) Installation and integration of Solarplant in our Dashboard.
2) Monitoring service 24×7
3) Operation center 24×7

As you know, when you build a solarplant, you need to install a scada system and different devices in order to upload data to any monitoring system. We can help you in this process without problem. We can advice you, we can design communication network for you . When this first step is finished, we will be able to gather data from solarplant and offer these data to your final customers.

Our quote for installation and integration should be considered on built time of each project. Regarding Monitoring service, we are offering 50000 per MW per year.

If you are our partner, you could get 50 % of our profit.

Are you interested?

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