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It all started at about 4.6 billion years ago, when the solar system and the sun were formed from the gravitational collapse of a large molecular cloud. On earth, throughout the ages, all great civilizations worshipped the sun, considering it the most vital source of life and energy. In India, the sun god, Surya, plays a central role in Hinduism.

But the sun can do even more for us in the future!

The sun’s energy is intensely felt across India, due to the country’s proximity to the equator. Every year, India receives nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine, which is equivalent to 5,000 trillion kWh of energy.

But are we using this abundant resource enough? Power tariffs in India are climbing and the power supply, while growing, is not keeping pace with the steep rise in demand. At the same time, the global climate is heating up at a worrisome rate and India is one of the countries most vulnerable to the effects. Solar power is a great solution to these enormous challenges and because solar power can be deployed in a simple, rapid, modular and flexible manner, it is available directly to the consumers of power. It is, perhaps, the most democratic energy source.

The Indian government has understood this proposition and wants solar to grow by an incredible 55% per year to 100 GW in 2022. This could make India the largest solar market globally. A large share of this solar power is to come from rooftops and other distributed systems. End users are encouraged to build their own solar solutions through incentives, such as subsidies and conducive regulations, such as net-metering.

Over the last years, the cost of solar power has fallen by over 50%, making solar a very competitive source of energy. Together with the almost limitless potential and the high irradiation in India, this makes solar an attractive choice for the country as a whole and for the smart energy consumer.

We are here to help you find the best solar solution for your house, company or farm. We have studied the solar market in India and have found that while solar makes intuitive sense to many in India, the solar industry has done far too little to inform and educate consumers about its potential and versatility. It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. Our goal is to provide you with all you need to know about solar solutions in India to be able to make an independent and informed decision.

We are on the consumer’s side. We want to introduce the consumer to solar options, products and companies and then help the consumer chose freely amongst them.

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Tobias is an entrepreneur and very passionate about the climate, sustainability, solar energy and India. He is a German Indophile. You can find out more about Tobias on and on . He is also active on Twitter ().


Gayrajan has spent many years providing solar solutions to India’s households and companies. He wants to help make solar work for Indians.

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