Evaki SPP-01 Solar Power Pad - India Goes Solar

Evaki SPP-01 Solar Power Pad


Evaki Solar Power Pad SPP-01 is world’s first solar powered power pad and one of the green and smart way to power and charge gadgets and devices to which we are hooked.

With a 10.8 inch Solar Panel it can be used daily to power mobile phones, smartphones, digital cameras, e-book readers, iPad’s, Tablet PC’s, iPod’s, PSP, etc. for day to day use. Evaki Solar Power Pad SPP-01 has been patented for its design. It has been manufactured to withstand heat & fire of strong sunlight, even though having light and slim structure. It has been made keeping in mind to work as main source of power and energy for gadgets and devices and in certain situations can be used 2-3 times a day.

Evaki Solar Power Pad SPP-01 comes with 3 years warranty, making it a highly cost effective product. Unlike other chargers like wall chargers, car chargers, portable power backup chargers it does not have any operational cost of electricity and can be used for multiple areas of purposes.

Designed for Smartphones, Digital Cameras, PDA, Mobile Phones, Tablet PC, iPod, iPad, PSP, Supports major USB powered devices like iPhone, PMP, E-book Raders, GPS.

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